Best Heavy Duty 18V Cordless Drill ?>

Best Heavy Duty 18V Cordless Drill

There’s little doubt that lithium-ion battery power currently runs the world of drills and impact drivers. With single tool kits starting around $100 (and often on sale for less), the convenience of cordless outweighs any premium gap over corded models. It’s only in the past year or so, however, that the heavy duty 18V cordless drill has caught up to the power of corded models and run time has been extended—all thanks to improved battery technology and brushless motors. So who makes…

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Tips for growing Potato ?>

Tips for growing Potato

Potatoes grow best in a long, cool season, which is rarely found in Illinois, but if recommended practices are followed, satisfactory yields can be obtained. The crop must be planted as early as the soil can be worked in the spring. Always use certified seed potatoes, which are free of disease. Cut these potatoes into blocks weighing about 1½ ounces each. Make sure that each seed piece has at least one eye. Plant immediately. Close spacing (30 inches between rows…

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Selling skills for … doctors? ?>

Selling skills for … doctors?

I’ve been suffering from a pretty severe sinus infection the past couple of months (!) and, after two visits to my regular doctor who couldn’t find a solution, I went to an ENT (ear, nose, throat) specialist. After all, they’re the sinus experts in the medical world. The first appointment with the ENT consisted of a brief examination, then a shot in the dark consisting of three weeks of antibiotics along with a short course of oral steroids to put…

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Power Tool Tips and Tricks ?>

Power Tool Tips and Tricks

Pitch on your best saw blade? Sanding belt clogged with paint? No worries. Here are a few power tool tips. Drill chuck needs replacement–Using the chuck key, open the chuck to its maximum opening. Inside you will see a screw that must be removed before replacing the chuck. This screw has a reverse thread, which means that you must unscrew it in the right hand direction. Once the screw is removed, insert the chuck key into the chuck and strike…

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Power Tool Tips Everyone Should know ?>

Power Tool Tips Everyone Should know

The danger of hand and power tools is evident in the 400,000 emergency room visits they account for each year. But many of those emergency room visits are caused by misusing tools and not working safely. When used correctly and with the proper safety measures, you can significantly reduce the chance of an accident. General safety tips for hand and power tools: Buy quality tools. Many tools, including cutters and hammers, should be made of steel and should be heat-treated….

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Athletics doping scandal: UK Anti-Doping to help Wada in Russia ?>

Athletics doping scandal: UK Anti-Doping to help Wada in Russia

UK Anti-Doping has said it will help the World Anti-Doping Agency carry out reforms in Russia. Russia was banned from international competition in November after a Wada commission examined claims of widespread doping, cover-ups and and extortion. A Ukad spokesperson said: “Ukad has been asked by Wada to be part of an evaluation visit to Russia. “It will explore ways and means of how an anti-doping programme can be run.” Russia, which said in November it is “fully committed” to…

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European Cross Country Championships: Britain top table ?>

European Cross Country Championships: Britain top table

Britain topped the medal table at the European Cross Country Championships for a 13th consecutive year as every team member won a medal in France. Jonathan Davies won gold in the men’s under-23 race, a victory which helped the men’s U23 squad to team silver. “I’m over the moon. I came thinking I had a chance of winning but you never quite believe it,” Davies, 21, said. Kate Avery won silver for a second successive year in the senior women’s…

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Why or Why Not To Buy Cordless Routers? ?>

Why or Why Not To Buy Cordless Routers?

Anything that could be made cordless will always see at least some demand – but I have to wonder why we haven’t seen one yet. Surely there are good reasons as to why a cordless router doesn’t yet exist. Commenters previously pointed out that some brands had in fact come out with cordless routers before, but there aren’t any current Li-ion routers, at least not that I know of. My thoughts are that power is going to be a big limitation. Routers…

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Marathon runner Paula Radcliffe refuse to think of using doping ?>

Marathon runner Paula Radcliffe refuse to think of using doping

Paula Radcliffe has opposed that she used to depend on performance-enhancing drugs and told that she was shocked when her name had been connected to claim of common blood doping in track and field. “I unconditionally disagree that I ever made use of playing cheat in any form whatever at any time in my career,” the British runner, who win London Marathon for three times and owner of the world record for the distance, said through her managing company. Radcliffe is…

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Team USA 800m star – Nick Symmonds ?>

Team USA 800m star – Nick Symmonds

For an occasion that’s sometimes won by the contestant WHO slows down the smallest amount, USAn 800m runner Clayton Murphy is obtaining quicker and quicker. Coming into 2015, Clayton had not crushed one minute fifty seconds for the two-lap race – a time that has not been internationally competitive for pretty much 0.5 a century. So it’d be truthful to explain his triumph at the Pan USA Games in Toronto last month – USA’s 1st during this event since 1999 – as a surprise, significantly because it was the primary time Clayton had been outside the US. For Murphy, consequent stop is national capital, whereas Nick Symmonds, the person he replaces within the US World Championships squad and also the country’s best hope of associate degree 800m decoration, is left reception. Murphy, 20, earned his passage to Canada with…

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